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About Gemini Spray Foam Systems

Gemini Spray Foam Systems specializes in open and closed cell polyurethane spray foam. Gemini Spray Foam Systems was founded by Robert and Michael Gemignani of Louis & Sons Drywall and Insulation. After much demand from their existing customers and in order to provide new customers a better choice, they formed Gemini Spray Foam Systems. Robert and Michael are twins and they incorporated their last names as inspiration for their new company. They felt  a need to offer a clear alternative to their  competitors by providing experience, service and dedication to the industry. With Dave  Brown at the helm we have assembled an unbeatable team.

Meet our Team

Gemini Spray Foam Systems Dave BrownDAVE BROWN

Dave is the executive Manager of Gemini Spray Foam Systems. He has gone through  extensive training and can help you with all your spray foam needs and offer  valuable advice.



gemini spray foam systems new jerseyTHE CREW

We have the most highly trained and experienced Applicators in the New Jersey region. Their  professionalism and work ethic will be  apparent in every  project they complete for you.


Founders of Gemini Spray Foam Systems and owners of Louis & Sons Drywall &  Insulation. You have come to rely on them for many years for  Insulation and Drywall, now they can offer spray foam with the same great service.

We're Ready...

Let us help with your next insulation project. Contact us today for more information or an estimate.